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The Best Hairstylists in Hong Kong

I know that good hair days in Hong Kong are hard to find and harder to keep. My afro-curly hair takes over an hour to blow dry making this list of tried and tested professionals very valuable to me and my friends with unruly hair. These pros are the best in the business and have taken me from brunette to blonde and back again whilst keeping my hair in excellent condition. All of the individuals listed below have 10+ and in some cases many more years of experience. Happy hair day!

Turning dark hair blonde can be catastrophic if it goes wrong so I always ask for lots of advice before going to a colourist. I like my colour to look natural, sans stripes, and that can be difficult when your hair is very dark like mine. A few friends with fantastic hair sent me to David at Brune Blonde who recently gave me everything I ever dreamt that a hair colour could be. Natural, multidimensional and long-lasting, you won't step out of this amazing salon looking anything less than a million dollars. Parisian native David is the co-founder and director at the salon and he worked with top hairstylists and at world-renowned flagship salons while in Paris. He moved from Jacques Dessange in Paris to Jacques Dessange in Taipei in 1994 and then to Hong Kong with the company in 1996. An expert at both colour and styling, and Naomi Campbell, Rachel Griffiths and Sophie Marceau are a few of his long list of famous clients.

Address: Brune Blonde, Mezzanine Floor, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Facebook: Brune Blonde

Telephone: +852 2511 3988

You just have to take one look at Benjamin’s Instagram to understand why I’m such a fan. He knows how to tackle my afro quickly and efficiently transforming it into a bouncy blowdry and never cuts more than I ask him too. He regularly does my hair and it always lasts for ages. Although I stick with more natural colours and cuts he is insanely good at crazy colours and styles too. He makes up one half of the duo known as ‘BRANG’ which stands for Benjamin and Trang. If you can get them to do your hair together you will be blown away. JustinPaul (the owner of the salon) is renowned for his brilliant colouring skills and Joey is a go-to for international and local celebritites.

Address: Alchemy, Shop LG1-3, LG/F, Jardine House, 1 Connaught Place, Central

Facebook: Alchemy

Telephone: +852 3106 0128

Beverly is the Managing Director of The Strand and is someone who just ‘gets’ hair. Her warm and intelligent approach to running a business makes her a firm favourite with loyal clientele and her three-floor modern salon in central is a great space to chill out in and relax. Beverly is awesome at everything but I visit her especially when my hair is looking lacklustre and needs a colour, treatment or product prescription. She recently recommended a natural toner that’s working wonders for my hair as I try to grow it long.

Address: The Strand, 18 Cochrane Street, Central Hong kong

Facebook: The Strand

Telephone: +852 2850 7686

When Paris Hilton came to Hong Kong in 2015 it was Private i Salon Director, Michaud Laurent Christophe who did her hair. Originally from France he is a genius at colouring, cutting and styling and is a favourite with high-profile Hong Kongers and with designers showing at fashion week. His highlighting technique is impeccable especially if you’re looking for a sun-kissed look that you want to grow out naturally. This is the hot spot if you’re looking for the star treatment, they even have a VIP room.

Address: Private i, Podium Level 6, Four Seasons Hotel, Central, Hong Kong

Facebook: Private I Salon

Telephone: +852 2521 0070

The best thing about The Mandarin Salon is that every single hairdresser is out of this world. Fathima only hires the best people in Hong Kong and it makes it really easy to book an appointment because you know you’ll always end up happy with the result. I’ve had my hair coloured, cut and blown out here by Fatihma, Jordan, Rei, Ringo and it’s been awesome every time. I’ve also heard that Daphne is great for haircuts and Ronald is a top colourist. They also do the best shampoos and head massages too. The Mandarin is known for luxury and indulgence so give yourself some time to soak up the atmosphere while you’re there.

Address: The Mandarin Salon, 5 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong

Telephone: +852 2825 4800

Have a Good Hair Day!

Dervla x

Top image by Nicola Lemmon


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