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5 Healthy Things to do in Hong Kong Today

Dervla Louli

Hong Kong may be a city that dim sums all day and parties all night but the health and wellness scene has been building up steadily in Central and Soho. Yoga studios, boutique fitness centres, athleisure stores and plant-based restaurants are now abundant and you can’t walk around without stumbling upon a cold-pressed juice store or two. A perfect day for me begins in downward dog and ends up with foot reflexology punctuated by a Turmeric Chai Latte or two at Grassroots Pantry. Here are five healthy things to do in Hong Kong that will leave you feeling better at the end of your day than you did when you got out of bed.

The yoga industry continues to surge in popularity and the sun is saluted in by masses of Hong Kongers every day. Kita Yoga is a favourite boutique studio for those in the know, founded by Hong Kong native and former New Yorker Nikita Ramchandani. The urban and minimalistic space is nestled in a corner of Sheung Wan with hip café’s and healthy eateries so you can fuel up after your downward dog... Namaste.

Grassroots Pantry

Walk down to Hollywood Road and pop into Man Mo temple on your way to Grassroots Pantry – Hong Kong’s finest vegan and vegetarian gourmet restaurant owned by Peggy Chan. The Lululemon brigade congregates here for some Turmeric Chai Latte, Lemon Chia Seed Pancakes, Acai Berry Cacao Bowls and Mexican Baked Eggs and ‘Steak’, to name a few favourites. The plant-based food scene is rapidly evolving in Hong Kong and Grassroots Pantry is the most chic of the lot.

Caelum Greene

A few minutes down the street you’ll find Hong Kong’s top athleisure boutique, Caelum Greene. Founder Charlotte Tsuei’s conscious and cool variety of fitness clothing and lifestyle products ensures that wellness warriors won’t be able to walk out the door empty handed. Guided meditations happen once in a while in the Zen Garden at the back of the store and you can also pop in just to take a few moments to get some headspace.

Peak Hong Kong

Swap out coffee or dinner with friends for an easy hike with a view by going up the morning trail first thing when you wake up to beat the crowds, or in the evening to catch some night-lights. Keen runners and reluctant hikers go up and down this well-worn trail at all hours of the day as it’s so easily accessible from the city. Don’t stop until you reach the top and then do the 2.5km loop around Lugard Road for some beautiful views.

Post hike, indulge in a quintessential Hong Kong treat at Ten Feet Tall, the top foot-massage centre in Central. Relax in a private room while enjoying their signature ‘Why Not’ treatment – a simultaneous back and foot massage carried out by two massage therapists. Founder Gilbert Yeung revolutionised the jam-packed foot massage market with his two-floor meticulously clean spa that offers coconut water, fresh smoothies and juices to customers as they relax.

Dervla xx

Image Credits: Photographer - Michelle J Procter; Styling - Christie Simpson; Hair - Danielle Abbotts at The Strand, Make-up - Smudge Make-Up Artistry: Location - Upper House Hotel; Top and Leggings - lululemon; trainers - Nike

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