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These 3 Hong Kong Creatives Make Everything Beautiful

Through my work as a fashion and lifestyle editor, I've come across many creative geniuses in Hong Kong but there are three that I always have in my arsenal when I really need to transform a shoot, event or party into something extraordinairy. Gemma is a flower artist and set designer who created the backdrop for the Willow Smith editorial shoot in the picture above, Tanya Bennett is THE go-to fashion illustrator for all of the big brands in Hong Kong and Kalo Chu is making calligraphy cool. Learn more about them below and I remember to book these ladies well in advance as they are very popular.

Flowers and Set Styling – Gemma Hayden Blest of Hayden Blest

Gemma is the flower stylist every party planner, editor and photographer in Hong Kong and LA has in their little black book when they need to bring a set or space to life. From flower walls for the Hong Kong Ballet and secret-garden themed fashion shows to fashion-editorial backdrops for leading publications in Hong Kong and around the world nothing is too big or small for her to create. If you have no green-finger to speak of (like me) you should take a look at some of her stunning pressed flowers that can live literally forever on your walls. She created the floral backdrop for the Willow Smith editorial picture above.

Facebook: Hayden Blest

Instagram: Hayden Blest

Live Illustrations– Tanya Piratay of PirateTB

Tanya (also known as Pirate) is an illustrator who has done live drawing events and commissions for Fendi, Christian Louboutin, Nespresso, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental and many more luxury brands. She also creates one off pieces for private clients, murals and invitations suites. She was the artist who literally painted the town red when she was commissioned to adorn the walls of Lan Kwai Fong with portraits of people partying. Her work is especially popular amongst the fashion set and her paintings are perfect gifts for friends and family. Tanya designed the artwork for our wedding invitations and was incredibly patient and understanding as we worked to bring our vision to life. Brands love to book her for events to draw fashion illustrations of lucky guests.

Facebook: Pirate

Instagram: Piratetb

Nothing makes a guest feel more special than a hand-written, personalised invitation in handwritten calligraphy. Kalo designs stunning stationary suites and takes care of the printing process too. She also hosts group and one-on-one calligraphy workshops which is how we met. Kalo did the calligraphy, layout and printing for our wedding invitations and is a pleasure to work with. The team at Tatler Hong Kong are also big fans of her classes and can be caught practicing their calligraphy during lunch in the office.

Facebook: Kalo Make Art

Instagram: Kalo Make Art

Top Image by Nicola Lemmon

Have a Beautiful Event!

Dervla x


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