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Top 10 Make-up Artists in Hong Kong

dervla louli

All of these Hong kong-based, professional make-up artists have International experience and are extremely talented. They do everything from one-on-one make-up applications to full on fashion shows, and all of them will leave you looking flawless.

Jaime Smith - Smudge Make-up Artistry

Jaime's schedule is packed with editorial shoots and fashion shows the majority of the time and she has a roster of private clients who want to look their best for special events. She relocated to Hong Kong in 2007 leaving a lucrative career in fashion as a designer, stylist creative director and trend researcher back in the US and set up Smudge Make-up Artistry, utilising her qualifications in beauty and make-up. Her services include make-up application for fashion, editorial, events, stage, bridal, portrait, boudoir photography and styling. The make-up in the top image of the article is by her.

Phone Number: +817 6907 8773

Alvin is renowned as one of the leading make-up artists in Asia and his portfolio proves why. Formerly the Local Creative Director of Harper's Bazaar, he's worked on movies such as Mission Impossible as well as ad campaigns for Louis Vuitton and Versace. His client list includes Kendall Jenner, Tilda Swinton, Uma Thurman, Chris Hemsworth and many more stars and celebrities. His talents outside of make-up include fashion styling and sculpting.

Facebook: Alvin Goh

Instagram: Alvin Goh

Phone Number: +852 3103 1032

SnapChat: Alvingohk

Stephen has been in Asia for over 23 years, during which he's carved out an awesome reputation as one of the top make-up artists in the region. He's worked with many global fashion brands including Cartier, Christian Dior and Chloe, as well as corporate companies like The Peninsula Hotel, UBS Investment Banking and many celebrities including Kim Kardashian. He's a pro at everything from minimal looks to theatrical transformations for individual clients, fashion shows, editorials and huge productions. Clients include everyone from Nicole Richie to Kim Kardashian and Jamie Campbell Bower.

Facebook: Stephen Harvey

Phone Number: +852 9835 5425

Karen was the first professional make-up artist that I worked with for a magazine editorial in Hong Kong. Our set that day was a private jet parked in a hanger. Time restrictions were tight and space was even tighter and Karen was as cool as a cucumber throughout. She's an exceptional makeup artist, hair stylist and body painter with a degree from London College of Fashion. She’s best known for her pink hair, friendly personality and professionalism. Karen works with private clients, bridal parties, fashion shows, editorials and bespoke art projects.

Facebook: Karen Yiu

Instagram: Karen Paint

Phone Number: +852 6330 0196

Wechat: karenyiu001

Ryuko Lau – M.A.C Cosmetics

Ryuko joined M.A.C in 2007 as a Trainer for Hong Kong and was promoted to Regional Manager of Training for greater China in 2011 before she became M.A.C. Hong Kong’s first-ever Senior Artist in 2012. She works on individual clients, fashion shows, editorials, workshops and everything in between. On busy days she heads up a team of 26+ make-up artists around Hong Kong. Some career highlights include working with Vivienne Westwood and BAFTA. Working with Ryuko is always a breeze if you're lucky enough to get an appointment.

Facebook: Ryuko Lau

Instagram: Ryuko Mac

Twitter: Ryuko Lau

Canadian-born Alexa has been working as a professional make-up artist since 2006 and does make-up for private clients, wedding parties, editorials and fashion events; she’s also a big hit with top Hong Kong bloggers. Her international experience and fashion knowledge are two factors that give her the edge.

Website: Alexa Bui

Instagram: Alexa Bui

This make-up artist and cosmetic brush entrepreneur is a pro at smokey-eyed glamour and brides, editors, TV producers, film makers and celebs have her on speed dial when they’re after a bold and beautiful look. Her make-up, hair and eyebrows are always immaculate and she makes sure all of her clients look perfect too. Her before and after pics of clients are incredible.

Website: Natasha Moor

Facebook: Natasha Moor

Instagram: Natsha Moor

In 2003 Pat McGrath advised Ka Lam to become a make-up artist, and in 2004 she pulled together a team of talented make-up artists and hair stylists to form Kalamakeup. Her work has been featured in Elle, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan and her clients include Valentino, Burberry, Lanvin, Gucci, Chanel and many more. She’s worked with over 500 brides and famous international celebs for over a decade and she is in the little black books of wedding planners, stylists and photographers in Hong Kong.

Website: Kalamakeup

Facebook: Kalamakeup

Instagram: Ka Lam Chu

Phone Number: +852 9757 4220

Twitter: Ka Lam

Before I met Saint I battled with ‘make-up melt’ during humid summers in Hong Kong. Thankfully he sorted me and my make-up bag out during a one-on-one personal consultation where he gave me a fresh new look and prescribed a bunch of new products that actually stayed on my face. He has over 10 years of experience, studied special effects at London College of Fashion and has been with M.A.C. Cosmetics for over 9 years. He’s worked with Tatler, Landmark Magazine, Ted Baker and South China Morning Post to name a few publications in Hong Kong as well as celebrities like Susan Sarandon. He does everything from make-up lessons to full on fashion shows.

Website: Saint Warren

Facebook: Saint Warren

Instagram: Saint Makeup

Phone Number: +852 6295 7625

Image Credits: Photographer - Michelle J Procter; Styling - Christie Simpson; Hair - Danielle Abbotts at The Strand, Make-up - Smudge Make-Up Artistry: Location - Upper House Hotel; Top - For Restless Sleepers

Dervla xx

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